Industry Overview

   Panjin is a city of oil, with a strong atmosphere of petroleum culture and deep complex of oil. Liaohe Oilfield headquarters is located here, and more than 300 petrochemical enterprises such as Norinco Group, North Huajin Chemical Industries Group, Bora Group, Liaohe Petrochemical, Chang Chun Group(CCP), UPC Group, Dynasol, Clariant, etc., have coordinated developed. It is a world-class petrochemical and fine chemical industry base supported by Liaoning Province.
Development of the petrochemical and fine chemical industries
   By the end of 2018, the annual crude oil processing capa 【more】

   With the giants, we will promote the project construction, industrial chain construction and supporting system construction along the direction of integration, refinement, top-line, differentiation and greening to the world-class petrochemical industry base.
   Larger industry scale
   With Huajin Group, Bora Group and Haoye Chemical as the core, it will develop in the direction of scale, intensification, differentiation, integration and greening to form a large-scale refining and chemical ... 【more】

   Provincial level economic and technological development zone
   Petrochemical and Fine Chemical Industrial Park of Liaodong Bay New Area
   The planned area of the park is 48.7 square kilometers. Focusing on petrochemicals, we will develop petroleum deep processing products such as lubricant base oil, chemical raw materials, high-performance materials and fine chemicals, and build four industrial chains of ethylene, propylene, carbon four and aromatic hydrocarbons ...【more】