Ⅰ. Land resources: Panjin city covers an area of 4,065.4 square kilometers. In 2014, its sowing area of grain crop was 143,710 hectares, of which the rice held 106,432 hectares. The whole year’s grain yield was 1.15 million tons. Dawa and Panshan were two big counties whose total yields of grain were both more than 0.5 billion kilograms. The domestic and overseas famous Panjin rice is one of the major export commodities in Panjin. Panjin still has a land of over 20,000 hectares to be reclaimed. Its coastal mud flat is extended year by year and the land area keeps increasing.

Ⅱ. Mineral resources: There are abundant mineral resources including oil, natural gas, well salt, coal, and sulphur in Panjin. In 2010, the total proven oil reserves were 2.1 billion tons and natural gas was 178.4 billion cubic meters in Liaohe oilfield. Being Chinese third largest oil field, Liaohe oilfield locates here. 32 oil and gas fields have been developed, and 12 oil and gas production units consisting of Xingrongtai, Shuguang, Huanxiling, Jinzhou, Gaosheng, Shenyang, Ciyutuo and so on, have been set up. The processing capacity of crude oil stabilizer reaches 6 million tons per year. In 2014, the production of crude oil was 10.22 million tons and that of natural gas was 0.72 billion cubic meters with a continuous ten-million-ton stable yield. The categories of crude oil are thin oil, thickened oil and high pour point oil. Panshan County has rich bittern resources in the west of Hujia Town, the south of Tianshui Town, Yangquanzi Town, and Dongguo Town. The bittern resources’ depth and thickness are 60 to 100 meters and 47 to 77 meters respectively. If exploited 3.6 million cubic meters a year, it can last several hundred years. In the sun-curing crude salt, sodium chloride is over 95.5 percent, and its quality meets the standard of selected quality for sea salt.

Ⅲ. Reed resources: Reed resources are mainly distributed in the four reed fields–Liaobin, Zhaoquanhe, Yangquanzi and Dongguo and new group of farm and reed fields from Daliaohe estuary to the north of Daling River estuary’s coastal line. They are the principal raw material for papermaking and account for more than 50 percent of the total reed output in Liaoning. Since 1960, we have strengthened the management of reed production and started to turn reed’s natural growth to artificial science cultivation. There are still nearly thousands hectares of marshes and wastelands that can be reclaimed as reed fields.

Ⅳ. Aquatic resources: The south of Panjin is close to sea. The area of shallow water within 15 meters depth contour is 200,000 hectares. The standing stock of fish, shrimp and crab resources are around 40,000 to 50,000 tons, 70 percent of the total reserves in Liaodong Bay. Shellfish reserves are about 27,000 tons in the 19,000 hectares’ coastal shallow water of within 3 meters depth contour. Beach area is 39,200 hectares and suitable to cultivate prawn and shellfish for various natural bait. The area suitable for prawn is 13,400 hectares and available for shellfish is more than 10,000 hectares. As “the calm store of Panjin” and “the gold beach of Bohai sea”, Geligang of Erjiegou in Dawa County has a resource area of 7,700 hectares. The clam is called “the most delicious dish in the world”, and its yield here is over 15,000 tons, making Geligang become the famous clam export base of Liaoning. Freshwater area is 153,000 hectares and a good place for freshwater aquaculture for lots of pelages and aquatic plants. In recent years, fish culture in paddy field is unique.

Ⅴ. Grassland resources: High quality meadows in Panjin have an area of 4,000 hectares, distributed in Shishanzhong livestock farm and Dahuang farm of Panshan County. The grasslands’ main forage plants are over 40 kinds and livestock number can be 27,000 of various cows. Most part of the flood lands of 8,000 hectares can be transformed into seasonal meadows. Besides, aquatic plants can be cultivated on the area of 4,700 hectares’ water surface. Plenty of straw and agricultural products can be utilized to feed livestock.