Notice of the People’s Government of Panjin Municipality on the Preferential Policies on Tax Revenue
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The people's governments of all districts and counties, the related departmentsand affiliated institutes of Liaodong Gulf new district and Liao Hekou eco-economic zone and the municipal government:

Based on the core spirit of the No.25 document issued by the state council in 2015, the relevant matters concerned in the No.22 document issued by the Panjin government will be announced as follows:

Ⅰ. The preferential policies such as the tax revenue formulated by the state government shall be put into practice one by one.

Ⅱ. In terms of the preferential policies already made by the departments, if the effective period has been regulated, then the policies shall be executed based on that period; if not, then the local government and the relevant departments shall set up the transition period and ensure the execution during this period based on the principle of stability.

Ⅲ. The preferential policies already signed in the contract by local enterprises remain valid and the parts that have already been fulfilled shall not be traced back.

Ⅳ. From now on, the new preferential policies made by all departments in all areas, apart from the regulated causes in law and administration stipulation, shall be executed by the permission of the state council once the policies are concerned with the tax revenue or the non-tax revenue listed by the central government. The other new preferential policies shall be put into effect by the permission of local government and the relevant departments. The arrangement expenses usually don’t connect to the tax revenue or non-tax revenue collected from the enterprises.

Ⅴ. The special rectification activities determinedby the No.62 document issued by the state council and the No.22 document issued by the Panjin government will be put into practice according to the deployment afterwards.

the People’s Government Office of Panjin Municipality

               Jun. 23rd, 2015