The contract of Jing Liang (Panjin)Grain logistics base project
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On the afternoon of May 11, Liaodong Bay New Area Management Committee, Panjin Port Group and BGG held the signing ceremony of Jing Liang (Panjin) Grain logistics base project. The Liaodong Bay New Area grain logistics industry make a great progress to contract the project, it plays a positive role in accelerating the construction of the northeastern state of grain processing and logistics industry base to New Area, building the north "new grain port" and promoting local economic and social development.

Jing Liang Grain Group is a state-owned enterprise of Beijing Municipal Government. It has five major industries, including grain and oil reserve, trade, processing, commerce and business, commercial real estate. It has become a well-known enterprise with market competitiveness, brand influence, supply guarantee and industrial driving influence.

The total investment of Jing Liang (Panjin) Grain Logistics Base project is about 600 million yuan, covering about 249 acres to construct the storage logistics facilities of 200,000 tons of grain, 100,000 tons of starch sugar, the production workshop of pharmaceutical excipients, storehouses, office facilities and other auxiliary facilities, the area of structure is about 70,000 square meters. Firstly, the investment of the storage logistics facilities of 200,000 tons of grain is about 300 million yuan.

The hinterland of the project has 730,000 tons storage, including the Heilongjiang forward base, Jilin Yushu rice base, Jilin grain base, Huinan base, Liaoning Taian base and Inner Mongolia Tongliao, Chifeng, Xingan League base warehouses, and Heilongjiang Qinggang corn deep processing base, all of the production Will reach 1.6 million tons of starch production every year. The project can effectively serve the Grain trade management in the northeastern and Inner Mongolia regions, and undertake the raw starch materials of the corn deep processing base, and effectively link its own grain base and grain deep processing base in the region, optimize the allocation of resources, and strengthen the regional resource integration and further To open up the "North Grain sent to the South" channel, and upgrade the grain trade business, through the registration of new companies in Panjin Port. During the 5 years, the amount of the grain trade business will be gradually increased to more than 1.5 million tons by registering new companies in Panjin Port, the annual processing capacity of starch sugar will reach 100,000 tons, pharmaceutical materials will reach 20,000 tons, annual income will reach 5 billion yuan, tax will reach25 million yuan, which will employ another200 local people and form a integration pattern of processing, trade, logistics industry in the Northeast region.

In recent years, constantly improving the ports, railways, highways and other facilities in our city, and taking full advantages of the location, transportation, port collection and distribution, our city has been the nearest marine outfall in the northeast China and Eastern Mongolia Area. Liaodong Bay New Area focus on grain processing and logistics, and vigorously develop the port logistics and processing industry. At present, Liaodong Bay New Area has been the important node channel of “grain sent from the north to the south” and 10 million tons of grain industry project cluster is gradually forming, including the Sino Grain Northeast Integrated Industrial base, Hopefull Group Grease processing, and Yihai Kerry warehousing logistics and deep processing of grain and oil, and the Bei Da Huang Grain Logistics, and Jing Liang(Panjin) Grain Logistics base, and other famous grain enterprises industrial projects. With the rapid development of the port and  the  perfect grain port supporting function, in the future, the grain throughput capacity of Liaodong Bay New Area port will exceed 20 million tons, and become the largest grain processing and logistics industry base in Northeast, and gather the national grain industries, stable logistics, play a leading effect to national grain industries, and to be an important pillar industry of Panjin economy.