Xinglong Mansion
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Brief Introduction

Panjin Xinglong Mansion, located at Zhongxing Road, Xinglongtai District, Panjin City, is the parent corporation of Liaoning Xinglong Happy Family Business Group. Established in 1993 with 50 million registered capitals, Happy Family has around 2,700 employees covering a building area of 42,000 square meters. From signing contact to starting business, Panjin Xinglong Mansion just used 76 days, which has created a precedent in national business. Since listed in China Hundred Enterprises in 1996, it has kept this for 17 years consecutively. In 2005, it transformed the market position from general store to modern large specially mansion with unique Xinglong characteristics, and finally forged a new comprehensive boutique pattern.

Development Process

Xinglong Mansion, the leading enterprise in Panjin City, is really a pearl in commercial area in the west of Liaoning Province. It gained various honors like “Star Private Enterprise”, national “Bright Star Enterprise”, national top-fifty taxpaying private enterprise, national advanced re-employment unit and Liaoning most credit and competitive enterprise. In 2008, Xinglong Mansion ranked 42 in national large-scale retail business since the establishment in 1993. It has always maintained high-speed development with the sales volume increased from 60 million in the first year to 1.2 billion in 2008. The market position has transformed from general store to a modern large specially mansion with unique Xinglong characteristics, which was both an upgrade of image and a qualitative leap. In the past 21 years, Xinglong Mansion developed forward rapidly with a total-new pattern, which has achieved the target of centering on famous brands with its own characteristics to lead fashion.


On December 28, 1993, Xinglong Mansion started business successfully with a huge scroll of “we are young and eager to your comments”, which just cost 76 days magically. It is always leading the business trend through holding various cultural marketing campaigns like Moon-cake Festival, Fashion Festival and Street Fairs. The sales volume in 1994 reached 60 million, which let Xinglong to be the leader in Panjin business industry. In 1995, Xinglong became the first shopping mall with sales volume over 100 million in Panjin City. In 1996, Xinglong proposed the slogan of “Entering top-hundred enterprise with over 300 million sales”. And finally, it achieved this target with 320 million sales, which was the only enterprise in the third-tier city. It caused a sensation in national commercial area with 20 years consecutively ranking in top-hundred. Relied on encouraging performance, Xinglong Mansion has become a symbolic enterprise in Panjin with certain special significance and influence among Panjin extensive citizens. Even more noteworthy is that the development process of Panjin Mansion has also been written in Panjin history. It let more people in Liaoning to know its name. Besides, Li Weiling, the founder of Xinglong Masion, has also been a legend in commercial area.

Enterprise Founder

Li Weilong started business in 1986 at his age of 39. And then he forayed into retail industry in 1993. In the same year, he established Panjin Xinglong Mansion and Liaoning Xinglong Department Group on this basis. Because of the industrial characteristics, employee's quality plays vital roles in the development of enterprise. In light of “employee first” conception, Xinglong tried to create a fair competition for every employee, so that it held a job bidding every year to select the talent. Besides, it spent millions yuan in building staff home, booking learning stuff and organizing staff training. Depending on a cooperated and ambitious employee team, Xinglong gained rapid development finally. 


The developed Xinglong Group is taking an active part in state-owned commercial enterprise reform to share government’s burden and making more contributions for society. Meanwhile, through continuously scope-extending to be “No.1 Department Store in China”, the Group purchased Panjin department store in 1997. In 2001, as the operating dilemma happened in Shenyang East Asia Square, the Group purchased it and established Xinglong Happy Family, which provided over 400 employment posts and vitalized 1.3 billion national non-performing assets. When relevant leaders inspected Happy Family, they praised their contributions and pioneering role played on the development of state-owned enterprise and business in Shenyang and the whole province. In 2002, the Group spent another 64 million yuan on Panjin commercial mansion. After a short while, here will be the first large-scale leisure shopping mall in Panjin City. Nowadays, the Group has owned over 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies including Xinglong department store chain, supermarket chain and Moore management chain in Shenyang, Yingkou and Panjin.

Enterprise Features

On the principle of “bright future and better life”, Xinglong Mansion aims to be an honest brand among citizens as well as the representative of economy and culture of Panjin City. Various upper-end product, such as VienKel silit and Lei Yunshang drugstore in first-floor food store, favored health care food, international cosmetic brands like Elizabeth Arden, Kose and Laneige, well-known woman dressing like  GRASS, Lilly and INSUN, all started to sell in Panjin for the first time, which has broaden customers’ horizon. Adhering to the characteristics of “flourishing commerce with civilization” and special marketing model, the harmonious Xinglong Mansion formed a unique scenery line in Panjin’s commercial area.

Operating Layout

Panjin Mansion has 8 floors.

The First floor is foodstuff including famous cigarette and wine, health care product, snack food, milk powder, delicatessen, cereals and condiments and vegetables and fruits.

The second floor is friendship department store and gold jewelry store including cosmetics, gold, horologe, household supplies, general merchandise and detergents.

The third floor is shoes and hats knitting store including men and women shoes, knitted underwear, beddings and children products.

From the forth to sixth floors are clothing stores including international well-known men and women clothing, sports and outdoor wear and equipment.

The seventh floor is electrical shop including high-end and fashionable home appliances and digital products.

The eighth floor is local snacks stores including Xinglong Szechuan restaurant, hotpot and various local cuisines.

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