Dingxiang Ecological Tourist Resort
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Dingxiang Ecological Tourist Resort is located in the world largest reed marshes, an important wetland in the estuary of Shuangtai River. It is an ecological tourist resort with complete functions of visit, sightseeing, conference, leisure and tourist. Large-scale woodland, forest, reed, river, intertidal zone, marsh and paddy field have forged a north coast wetland natural landscape.

The resort contains three scenic spots, Taiping River Scenic Belt, Bird Land and Reed Marshes and Crab Beach.

Taiping River Scenic Belt: After running over 10km in the resort, Taiping River affluxes into Liao River. With dense woods along the running way, you almost feel in the primeval forest. You can choose to wonder among the woods or view the sight by boat.

Reed Marshes and Crab Beach: Seated on the delta of Liao River and Raoyang River, it is really relaxed and happy to walk on this 2km-long wood gallery road among the reed marshes and appreciate the tide and birds. When the tide is high, the blue water and sky merge in one color with the reed waving like a strip of green brocade. After the tide ebbs away, the violent Chinese mitten crab, together with helice tientsinensis and eriochier leptognathus can be seen everywhere on the beach. All crabs can be played, fished and tasted by tourist.

Bird Land: It is an animal paradise surrounded with water on three sides with thousands of woods land. More than 200-type birds breed and live in this fertile area, even including some endangered species like larus saundersi and paradoxornis heudei. There is a bird-watching building in the garden, where the tourist can appreciate the life of bird. What’s more, it also set fruit-picking area for the picking-up of various organic fruits and vegetables.


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