Red Beach National Corridor
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The Red Beach National Corridor, located in Red Beach Wetland Holiday Resort, has the total length in around 18km. It is well-known as the “world red coastline”, “the most splendid leisure corridor in China” and “the most romantic outdoor recreational coastline in China”. Besides, this corridor is feathers with unique red beach surrounded with the best preserved largest wetland resource as well as the largest reed marshes. Tens of thousands of waterfowls, together with endless coastal sea beach has forged this ecological corridor. In the early April, the red beach is in soft red color, and then it gets darker until in purple in October. The optimum viewing time is from May to October. On the one hand, you can experience the loving red beach, adventure of dynamic reed marshes and enjoyment of bicycle riding. On the other hand, you can also appreciate the birds fly freely and the “Burning Legends” in Panjin City.

1. Loving Red Beach.

Welcome to the area of Loving Red Beach. This is a place filled with stories where you can leave your declaration of love as well as your love vision.

2.Rural Land

Welcome to the area of Rural Land. This is a place full of leisure and relaxes. You can riding a bike in this green ocean and also wonder in paddy farmyard to enjoy the peace. Of course, you can also take crab fishing and photography.

3.Burning Legends

Welcome to the area of Burning Legends. It recorded a period of industry civilization of wetland. You can feel the burning legends of Liao River oilfield.

4.Dynamic Coast

Welcome to the area of Dynamic Coast. There are many choices for you, such as a adventure in reed marshes, boating in the oceanic trench, camping in red beach and flying kite on the water. Enjoy the outdoor sport whole-heartedly.

5.Marine Ranching

Welcome to the area of Marine Ranching. This is a place filled with magical treasures. You can enjoy yourself without anything to worry. Pick up shells or fish shrimp. If you feel hungry, come to taste our typical meals in the boat.



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