Revolving Theme Restaurant on the 19th Floor in International Trade Hotel
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Panjin International Trade Hotel is located in the downtown, the most prosperous commercial district. It is the landmark of Panjin City, covering an area of 22,000 square meters and the building area is 21,000 square meters in 21 floors. The operating entities include catering, accommodation and conference reception. Besides, it also contains the services of airline ticketing, traveling, shopping, limousine reception as well as entertainment. The dainty dishes, such as abalone and seafood feast provided by the hotel are all cooked by well-known chef in delicacy. Various local dishes, together with elegant environment will let you linger on and feel extreme comfortable. Because of the unique characteristics, the revolving restaurant can not only let enjoy delicious food, but also appreciate the landscape of Panjin City. In the light of enterprise spirits of “people first, morality-oriented, innovation and excellence-pursuit”, all working staffs in the hotel are all full of confidence when standing at the starting line of this new century. Reviewing the past, the former success has become the cornerstone of our further progress. Looking forward the future, we are seeking the live on continuous development and improvement, so as to build a better international trade hotel with superior facility, advanced management philosophy and splendid service.

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